Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wealth Happens

A short explanation of why America is still suffering under the rule of the Dear Leader and his confused hordes.

Wealth only happens when people are at work earning it. The creation of wealth is a dynamic process, not a static one. Money should never be confused with wealth.

Money is nothing by itself; even gold, itself, cannot be eaten. Wealth is what you have available to put to work for you.

Money on the table is not the same as money at work. If you have a pile of money getting freshly printed up or being paid to the government as taxes, the money is not working.

Money which is changing hands in the free market is working. The money is helping to design allocation of social resources to make stuff.

This is one of those things leftists get real confused about. They think the amount of currency is all that determines the wealth of a people. A big pile of currency fools the leftists into thinking they have a big pile of wealth. Let them eat money.

Give me personal freedom and I have wealth. Take away my freedom and you will have a rebel.

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