Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two Governors

Two “Democratic” Party Members

Washington State has an overspending problem. The current governor, Christine Gregoire, is hoping to raise taxes another $2000 per person per year to pay for her hyper spending plans. This increase is on top of a 60% increase in both taxation and spending in her previous four year administration (from 2005). She is about as negligent a governor as a state can get.

Gregoire's immediate predecessor, Gary Locke, also a democrat, was the opposite. He heard the people howling under heavy taxation. Governor Locke struggled against a spending crazed Legislature to contain the budget within the limits set down by the people's initiatives.

To be clear, I think Mr Locke's vision of government is too intrusive. But He conducted himself in a trustworthy and responsible manner while he was at the helm. His politics are not to my preference, but he certainly earned my respect.

On the other hand, Gov. "Chris" Gregoire has no self-restraint. She will take everything on the table and demand more. Not only does this make the state budget out-of-kilter, it has driven many important businesses (read tax-producing resources) out of the state.

This comparison points up the essential problem with an enlarged public sector. The results will depend on who is at the helm. If the person is competent and respectful, the resulting government is okay. But if the person is inept, insulting and condescending, the results are disaster. The contrast between Gary Locke, Democrat, and Christine Gregoire, Democreep, could not be more stark.