Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Senator Elect Scott Brown --- what next?

I dunno about Scott Brown. He starts out his online position statement on health care with "I believe that all Americans deserve health care coverage...." It makes me nervous since his record in Massachusetts indicates he will opt for government sponsored health care. From the position statement, "In Massachusetts, I support the 2006 healthcare law that was successful in expanding coverage...."

When are we going to be able to elect a politician who will work to reform American government to what is it is supposed to be, Constitutional?

Our constitution outlines the limits of sound government: First comes from the realization that government is grossly ineffective at supplying some goods or services, and is the proper supplier of others which are both grossly unprofitable and necessary to the security of the free state. Second, Government will become abusive if entrusted with the provision of certain goods or services.

Senator Elect Scott Brown is not a Constitutional Conservative. But he is a sight better than the lunatic Communists in the Democratic Party.


  1. If the Democrats are Communists, what are the political parties like in Western Europe?

    The Democrats of the United States are more conservative than the conservatives of Great Britain!

    There are no countries in Western Europe that do not have either public health care or regulated private universal healthcare.

    Our constitutional founders were geniuses, but they were not sages.

    We CAN regulate such things as the internet, even though it's not in the Constitution, because the Constitution was BUILT with progression in mind.

  2. I read the story. Plant says there are communists in the Democratic Party. That is not a the categorical statement you make it out to be.

    Conservatism in Great Britain is not conservatism in the US. Tories favor the royalty and entitlement (title of "nobility"). The closest we have here is those who favor government management over personal management.

    Western Europe's encounter with government regulated health care is not an unqualified success.

    Regulation of the internet is a dangerous thing if it limits expression of political viewpoint. Events in Egypt, Libya and Saudi Arabia, subsequent to your remark, show how dangerous the internet kill switch can be to the people.